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May 30 , 2009

A full page of links for dental assistance in Michigan . Many are for the Detroit metro area , but there are also a few state-wide resources .



This page has a listing of free clinics that include dental help . For the most part , they are not government based (this is usually a good thing ! )



Here is a page full of dental resources and help in Michigan :






The University of Michigan provides free dental assistance in selected clinics around Michigan  . They also have a free program in the summer for migrant workers. Contact the source below to find out what is currently offered .

The University of Michigan
School of Dentistry
Community Outreach Program Office
1011 North University
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1078

For Appointments and Information: (734) 763-6933
© Copyright 2007 University of Michigan
Last updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2007


For dental clinics in Northern Lower Michigan , go to this site and click on a star in your area. This will lead you to a page that lists the address , and phone number of the clinic.




Dental Clinic
Ingham County Health Department
5303 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911

The Dental Clinic provides preventive and restorative treatment for uninsured Ingham county residents. The Dental Clinic staff of licensed dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provides routine care such as cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 noon, and 1 pm - 5 pm.


Donated Dental Services (DDS)
P.O. Box 115, Jackson, MI 49204

Donated Dental Services is a program of the Michigan Dental Association and the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, serving the State of Michigan. DDS provides dental care to people with permanent disabilities, advanced age, or who have chronic illnesses and are unable to work. Dentists throughout Michigan have volunteered to donate comprehensive dental care. Qualified individuals are generally treated at no cost; however, people who are able to pay for part of their care may be asked to do so. Phone for an application.


Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic

Ingham County Health Department
2815 S Pennsylvania Ste 203, Lansing, MI 48910

Healthy Smiles Dental Center provides routine dental work to children under the age of 21 with Medicaid, MIChild, or Healthy Kids.  Services include exams, evaluations, consulations, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, flouride, extractions, root canals, education, emergencies, and referrals.  Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 noon, and 1 pm - 5 pm.


 Oakland County Dental Services Provides dental services for low income Oakland County residents who have no dental insurance.



Tri-County (Oakland, Wayne and Macomb ) Dental Health Provides dental referrals for low-income people, Medicaid families, special needs patients and dental emergencies.  248-559-7767




Oakland Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic  (No Website) Provides cleanings and x-rays at a low cost.  Located on Oakland Community College Highland Lakes Campus.  248-942-3260



Donated Dental Services Provides free dental care to approved applicants who are disabled, elderly or medically compromised and who have no way to pay for treatment. Visits are at the offices of volunteer dentists who donate the treatment.  Metro Detroit: 248-489-2204, outside Metro Detroit: 248-489-2206 or Toll Free 800-255-7543.




University of Detroit School of Dentistry Offers dental treatment to individuals accepted into the Student Clinical Program for around half the cost of private dentists. Program accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid. Dental services are also provided for medically compromised patients at the University Health Center in Detroit Receiving Hospital. 313- 494-6700




Community Dental Center is a non-profit dental center providing quality, comprehensive dental care to all Washtenaw County residents with an emphasis on treating persons limited by finances, physical conditions or other factors. Our experienced, caring staff provides the highest level of dental care so that our patients can achieve a state of enduring good oral health.    Financial assistance is available to qualified families and individuals who are permanent residents of Washtenaw County for dental services.



Here (in pdf. format) are 22 pages of dental health care listings in Michigan . They are listed by city , type of care , cost and payment types and more. A great resource !


Here is a pdf. document listing dental health programs in Michigan by county :












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wish i could smile   in reply to Anonymous
I am so sorry u are going through this. I am going through the same,my front tooth has rotted out & so have most of my other teeth,i am disabled with 2 kids & cant afford is embarrassing when I talk to anyone,i also have tried the clinics & cant get help..i just wish I could get dentures but I am poor..i hope you have been able to get help..if you find a place that helpd us low income people please let me know..i also can not eat & hate to smile,i could deal with the back teeth gone but I wish I had my front teeth:(
Talk to wish i could smile
please i need help asap! i have been in excruiting pain for the past two weeks. i have a hole in the back of my tooth on one of my molars. ibuprofen isnt working anymore i have no insurance and do even qualify for medicaid im 21 i only work 10 hours at week at minimum wage and cant find a dentist that can help me i cant even find a free clinic plz i need help i live in macomb county mi if anyone can help please let me know :.(
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Like you said, most of the help is more up north as I live in Ottawa County in lower Michigan where I'm required to go to a clinic in not only the city I live in, but the county as well. The hygienists are not caring or sympathetic, the appointments are so far out in the future it's months before you can be seen and you can only call on certain days for appointments. I really didn't want to go when 3 close friends told me they had went to the same clinic, two went for extractions and they didn't do it right - same problem with both. THEY LEFT PARTS OF THEIR TEETH UNDER THE GUM. The third one wasn't given enough pain medicine and told she had to return and all they did was pack the hole in her gums with clove oil (?). I felt so bad for her because like me, she had to endure weeks of pain. I don't want to go through any of this.
Talk to PenelopeinPain
Hello everybody. I have just found this sight. I am in Desperate need of dental care. I am 29 yrs old I have had dental problems since the age of 12, the dentist told me that my teeth grew in with no enamel. My family was very poor, but very loving, never had the money to get my teeth fixed. I am in school trying to make a better future for myself and my two boys ages 9&6. Two years ago i had to have two of my upper front teeth removed. I could not afford to get them replaced right away. I was saving the money then a year ago I lost my job so the money I did have had to go to supporting my family. I will be done with the MA (medical assistant) program in July 2012! And plan on going further in my education. Even though I am obtaining a degree and I am doing very well in the program I fear that I will not become employed because of my smile. To make matters worse my other front teeth are rotting right out of my face. Who wants to be greeted by a toothless smile. I am lost all of the free clincis or reduced fees clincis have no openings i call every morning for the last 6 months. I am in pain everyday and because of the condition of my teeth it even makes it hard to eat. I am not asking for handouts, but donations or resourse would be appreciated. I could work for services anything that would help me. Please keep your negative comments to yourself. I am not a free loader, I have ALWAYS worked very hard to get what I need, but with this I need some help. I just want to SMILE again:) Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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This is a listing of dental clinics for the whole state of Michigan :
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 in response to Saleema...   

Hi Saleema

You are most welcome. It always gives me a good smile for the day when someone finds something that I researched that has been of help !


Talk to soulight

Thank you for all the helpful information provided.  This site is really great, and makes things so much easier in finding Dental help for families who are low income, or have Medicaid. 

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 in response to pegmom2...   

I am so glad to hear that pegmom2 !


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This site helped us  Big Time!!!

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